Individual Coaching

Individual coaching supports you to achieve goals related to professional development and performance improvement whilst focusing on the whole person.

Examples of individual coaching goals:

  • A need for personal growth/development (for example in leadership or management).
  • Employability / career choices or changes.
  • Support in managing and prioritizing your workload.
  • Improve your communication style.

Building clarity and confidence


Once your request for coaching is validated by your OC, you will be contacted by the Mentoring & Coaching Hub for a detailed needs assessment. Here we will help you to establish clear goals for your individual coaching relationship.

The next step is the matching. You will have an initial meeting with a potential coach. Here you will both get a chance to see if the dynamics are good. If not, another coach will be proposed.

A typical coaching session lasts between 45-60 minutes, via Skype or face to face. The coaching relationship lasts approximately 8-10 sessions over a period of 3-9 months. You will have the opportunity to reassess your goals along the way.

The coaching sessions are completely confidential.


  • Individual coaching is offered to both field and office staff.
  • Prioritization for coaching is decided by each OC.
  • The Mentoring & Coaching Hub has trained and supervises an intersectional pool of internal coaches with extensive MSF experience.

To request individual coaching please contact your OC focal point or for any general inquiries contact the Mentoring & Coaching Hub.