MSF Mentoring & Coaching Hub

The Mentoring & Coaching Hub offers Mentoring & Coaching to support the MSF global workforce, enhancing their personal and professional leadership.
Mentoring & Coaching Hub Mission Statement

MCHub Coaching Workshops and Programs for 2024

Coaching Skills Workshop

When you lead a team and want your leadership style to focus on developing your staff then our Coaching Skills Workshop is for you. In the workshop you will be practicing the coaching skills that are most useful for leaders and use them in your role. For more information click the following link:

MCHub Online Coaching Skills Workshop

Coaching Group & Individual Supervision

As MSF Individual Coach it’s essential that you are supported in your professional practice and wellbeing and for this purpose the MCHub is offering Individual and Group Supervision. Coaching supervision is compulsory if you want to keep being a certified coach and is strongly encouraged by the MSF coaching programme management. For more information click the following links:

Coaching Individual Supervision for Individual Coaches

Coaching Group Supervision for Individual Coaches

Mentoring & Coaching in Doctors Without Borders

Learner at the Centre: Our vision is to expand the space that learning from others and on the job has in the organization. Our commitment is to offer a variety of personalized developmental opportunities when it is most effective.

Intersectional Dimension: We support all OCs in delivering mentoring, individual coaching and team coaching. We mutualize resources, centralize knowledge, facilitating the decentralized offer.  

Human Resources Development: We want to support HR in its  strategic role. Development is a professional and academic field that ultimately impacts the quality of our medical activities in the field.