Development for mentors

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

The CPD offer is a response to the need identified by the mentors, to keep developing themselves within the relevant skills and knowledge. It is a result of a joint effort between the Mentoring and Coaching Hub and the Mentoring Programme Managers of various OCs.

Online Developmental Offer


  • One hour sessions.
  • Open for all mentors
  • To refresh and/or expand your theoretical knowledge of mentoring

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  • One hour sessions, monthly.
  • Open for all mentors.
  • To connect socially, share questions and experiences. Learn from one another and establish a support network.

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  • One and a half hour sessions, four times, over 6 months.
  • Closed group with an external facilitator.
  • To expand your range as a mentor, reflect on your practice, and establish a support network.

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In Person Developmental Offer


  • 3-day residential workshop, 8 times a year
  • To all that have applied and been validated to become a mentor (To become a mentor see 12.)
  • To learn about the mentoring programme and practice

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  • 2-day residential workshop, once a year
  • To learn coaching skills related to the mentoring practice
  • For mentors who want to take their mentoring career and commitment to the next level

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Community of Practice (on Tembo)

As a member of the Mentors Community we highly recommend that you come and join our Community of Practice (CoP) on Tembo and share your knowledge and expertise with other colleagues and peers. Access the CoP by logging in on, click on Communities (on the left) and on Mentors Community of Practice

Here is the welcome message from our head of HR, Alan Lefebvre. For more info please feel free to contact Agnese Pinto