Mentoring & Coaching Hub

The Mentoring & Coaching Hub was born in January 2017. The creation of the Mentoring & Coaching Hub responded to the needs to:

  • Design, innovate and develop new solutions for mentoring and coaching activities,
  • Deliver common education paths for MSF mentors and coaches (individual and team coaching)
  • Document: evaluate and capitalise on mentoring and coaching activities, to share the learnings amongst the various and concerned actors in MSF.

The Mentoring & Coaching Hub offers Mentoring & Coaching to support the MSF global workforce, enhancing their personal and professional leadership.

Mentoring & Coaching Hub Team

Mansoor Ali
Mansoor Ali
Mentoring & Coaching Hub Coordinator
Agnese Pinto
Mentoring & Coaching Project Manager
Holly Bennett
Evaluation & Capitalisation Manager
(on leave)
John Ingram
Coaching Project Manager
Richard Veerman
Coaching & Mentoring Project Manager
Marita Honerud
Coaching Project Manager
(on leave)
Hossein Ghasemi
Instructional Designer

Ruth Wester
Admin & Project Manager

Fredrik Magnussen
Evaluation & Capitalisation Manager