Team Coaching

Team coaching is a unique way to develop a team to work closer together, to achieve their goals and be more productive.

Examples of team coaching goals:

  • A team that wants to be more effective and proactive in managing their everyday workload
  • A team going through significant changes.
  • A team seeking to work on communication, unclear roles/responsibilities or decision making structure.
  • A team seeking to find their team identity and move the focus away from being individuals in a team

“MSF is a relationship-based movement and teams at its heart”


Once a request for team coaching is validated by the OC, the team will be contacted by the Mentoring & Coaching Hub for a detailed needs assessment.

Depending on the assessment, you will be introduced to one or two team coaches.  Based on your feedback, the Mentoring & Coaching Hub will finalize the matching with the coach that best meets your needs.

Each team coaching is tailor-made and can take up to 6 months.

An example of a typical team coaching process begins with a 2-day retreat, followed by a period of meetings within the team. If relevant, individual coaching could be offered to some members of the team. A one day follow up session is recommended in order to conclude the team coaching.

Team coaching is a confidential process.


  • Team coaching is offered to both field and office teams
  • Prioritization for team coaching is decided by each OC.
  • Each team coaching will be led by two trained team coaches. In some cases we will use an external lead coach. As our internal capacity expands we will be using more internal coaches and less external.

To request team coaching please contact your OC focal point or for any general inquiries contact the Mentoring & Coaching Hub.