MSF Mentoring & Coaching Hub

The Mentoring & Coaching Hub offers Mentoring & Coaching to support the MSF global workforce, enhancing their personal and professional leadership.
Mentoring & Coaching Hub Mission Statement

The call for applications for the 3rd cohort of the MSF Coaching Education that was launched on December 17, 2022, with deadline for application on January 26, 2022, was widely shared in the MSF movement. We were very positively surprised by the high number of interested MSF colleagues and potentially good Individual or Team Coaches.

Update Selection Process MSF Coaching Education 2022

We received 174 complete applications, 97 for Individual Coaching and 77 for Team Coaching. We ranked the applicants and looked mainly at motivation and looked also at fluency in other languages besides English. Given our strategic direction to especially add colleagues from the Global South to our pool of coaches, we also made sure we would invite sufficient colleagues from these areas.

In total 36 people were invited for an interview for the Team Coaching path and 36 people were invited for an interview for the Individual Coaching path. After the interviews we selected 18 candidates for each of the 2 paths plus a number of reserve candidates were selected. The participants will start their education in May 2022, and we are looking forward adding 36 new coaches to our pool when they complete their education in November 2022.

All applications have been informed about the selection made and unfortunately, this also means that we had to turn down many good candidates. We are pretty sure that among those who did not get an interview there are many good potential coaches and among the interviewed candidates we saw many strong candidates. We had some incredibly tough choices to make among the candidates and our decision comes from us having to take into consideration diversity and profiles needed for our pool of coaches. There may be further rounds of Coaching Education in the future that not selected candidates are free to apply for.

Mentoring & Coaching in Doctors Without Borders

Learner at the Centre: Our vision is to expand the space that learning from others and on the job has in the organization. Our commitment is to offer a variety of personalized developmental opportunities when it is most effective.

Intersectional Dimension: We support all OCs in delivering mentoring, individual coaching and team coaching. We mutualize resources, centralize knowledge, facilitating the decentralized offer.  

Human Resources Development: We want to support HR in its  strategic role. Development is a professional and academic field that ultimately impacts the quality of our medical activities in the field.